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Thursday, February 9, 2012

We're Still Here & A Partial Birthday Outfit Sneak Peek!

Hello everyone, so sorry I have neglected the blog again!  We have been so busy around here and we are getting very excited for all of our visitors that are coming next week!  Nana and Doodah are here and we are enjoying spending time with them.  I think they have settled into their house and their dogs Wooby and Tux are loving the big backyard!  It is so nice having family close enough by that it is just a short drive away for a visit!

I actually have a few ideas for upcoming blog posts.  One involves a craft project I want to do with the babies.  I made baby-safe finger paint using a recipe I found online and ordered Crayola finger paint paper in order to do a finger painting project with the babies.  I had to wait for Amazon to ship the paper, which came late yesterday afternoon so I hope to do the project today if I have time.  I already made the finger paint on Tuesday night, so that part is ready to go.  If it all works out, I want to do a post that goes into more detail about this craft project.

Another blog post idea was to give a little update on the babies' eating habits and a few things that I have found so far that are working for our family in terms of getting the kids to eat (especially things like vegetables).  So I hope to turn both of these ideas into actual blog posts, but we will have to see.

The title of this post also promised a sneak peek at part of Chloe's Birthday outfit.  Both babies have "Birthday outfits", Chloe's is just a little more elaborate (as most outfits for girls are).  Brady has an adorable handmade Monster t-shirt with his nickname and the number 1 on the back (disclaimer: I did not make it, but bought it on Etsy).  His outfit also includes handmade Monster shoes, also from Etsy, but a different seller.

Chloe's Birthday outfit includes a handmade tutu, matching cupcake onesie, flower headband, tights, and shoes.  Everything was purchased on Etsy from the same seller with the exception of the tights and shoes.  Chloe's outfit came yesterday and I just wanted to try the tutu part on (partially just for fun and partially to see if it would fit since she is small).  The good news is the tutu fit perfectly, so no worries there!  I took a few pictures of her in the tutu.  The rest of what she is wearing in the pictures is just her normal clothes, the tutu is the only part of her actual birthday outfit.  Without further ado, a few tutu pictures for you:

Have a great Thursday everybody!  The weekend is almost here!



  1. Adorable! Chloe's tutu looks like Zoey's spider tutu outfit I bought for her off Etsy last year. (I have a little Etsy addiction, lol...) Can't wait to see the rest of her outfit and Brady's monster outfit!

  2. Thanks Jimmie! Their outfits do look similar! I have an Etsy problem too. I do not have any sewing or any kind of knitting or crocheting, etc skills, but I like to buy things from people who do! :-) Growing up my Grandma was amazing at sewing, embroidering, knitting, you name it! I didn't realize how spoiled I was to get all those handmade things from her for free!


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