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Monday, January 9, 2012

Little Birdies

As usual, a lot has happened in our family in a short amount of time and I have a lot of blogging to catch up on!

We enrolled the babies in a class at The Little Gym. Their class is called Birdies and is for babies 10 to 19 months old. We had our first class over the weekend. Brady and Chloe are the youngest babies in their class, and probably only one other child wasn't walking yet. I still think the class is very beneficial for them to be exposed to lots of other babies and parents since they are used to just me at home most of the time. We sang songs, played with sticks, balls, and maracas. We learned several "skills", and in general explored the gym and the equipment they have to offer. We still have 20 weeks of class left to go, so I bet by the time they are done with Birdies class they will definitely be holding their own with the other babies.

I think Birdies is a very appropriate name for babies at this age, because they are busy mastering the skills they need to become more independent from their parents, like crawling and walking. Brady is getting more and more sturdy on his feet every day, and sometimes will stand on his own if he is distracted by a toy or some noise, etc. Once he realizes he is standing he quickly lowers himself down to sit. He will walk now holding our hands, and is becoming very adept at walking with his dinosaur, even on the hardwood floor. I am sure it won't be long before he chooses to stand independently, and eventually takes his first steps!

Chloe is really blossoming right now as far as movement goes. She still army crawls to get places, but she will switch to what we call "big girl" crawl more and more frequently. Eventually I believe she will phase out army crawl altogether.  Here are some videos of Chloe doing her "big girl" crawl:

Speaking of "big" boys and girls, the babies' one year birthday is quickly approaching!  I have put off making preparations because I was in denial at the fact that my little babies are growing up so fast.  Since it is now only a little over a month away, I had to buckle down and start making some plans.  We are going to have a "Cupcake Princess" and "Brady Monster" party.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I wanted to have a party that celebrates both of our babies and their distinct personalities.  These are our personal nicknames for the babies, and so we decided to make them the theme of their party!  I ordered a "Cupcake Princess" outfit (yes this does exist) for Chloe and a "Brady Monster" shirt for Brady on Etsy.  I ordered "cupcake princess" and "monster" party decorations and party hats.   Basically, we are having two parties in one.

We plan to have the party in the big backyard (weather permitting) of the house my Dad is renting for the month of February when they visit.  We still need to nail down the cake and a few other items, but it is a start.  I hope to create a Facebook event and/or send out invitations to invite some of you once we have a few more things ironed out.  I hope many of you who live in the area can come, it should be fun!

Naptime will soon be over, but I want to leave you with a couple of funny videos and one picture of my busy Birdies from the last few days.  As you can see, I have my hands full!  :-)

Had to include this picture of Miss Cupcake Princess getting into trouble and trying to climb the stairs!

Have a great day!


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