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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cupcake Princess!

First of all, Happy New Year to everyone!  Sorry I haven't updated the blog sooner, I don't have an excuse other than the babies seem to be dropping down to one 1.5 to 2 hour nap a day, so there is a lot less nap time to get things accomplished in a day.

For several days I've wanted to do a post as a little spotlight on Chloe aka our "Cupcake Princess".  Chloe's movement has progressed rapidly over the last few weeks.  She is now army crawling wherever she wants to go.  The last few days we've caught her doing a traditional crawl, but she quickly switches back to army crawl.  Since she is mobile now we have to be super vigilant about even the smallest piece of carpet or anything on the floor, because she will spot it and try to eat it.  We call her our little Roomba.  She has also started pulling up everywhere, so we've had to lower her crib.

We discovered the other day that she is breaking through FOUR top teeth at one time!  She has four bottom teeth already, but now this ties her with Brady at 8 teeth a piece (four bottom and four top for both).

She has figured out how to open and close anything that has a lid, whether it is her toy laptop or a plastic trashcan (unfortunately for us).  Last night she learned how to swing the bathroom door open and closed.

She LOVES music and dances to a lot of the tunes her toys play.  She has known how to clap for a long time, but yesterday I got her to wave.  I got it on video but unfortunately she's only done it that one time since then.  I think she gets confused between "Hey" and "Yay" and sometimes wants to clap instead of wave.

We entered Chloe in a Facebook contest for the Bitty Bows that she often wears.  Since I am a fan of their page, I got an update in my status feed asking for Christmas pictures of babies wearing their Bitty Bows.  One picture would be selected to win a $10 gift certificate.  I posted this picture of Chloe wearing a red Bitty Bow for Christmas:

and she won!  Thanks to our friend Carlea for taking such great Christmas pictures for us this year!  With our gift certificate we ordered several more Bitty Bows for Chloe to enjoy.

Here are some videos of Chloe showing off her dancing skills.  The first video is from Christmas day, after playing with their new toys for 5 hours with no nap, Chloe was still going strong:

This video is a few days after Christmas, Chloe was playing with a new train that was a gift from her friends Sam and Abby:

The next video is of Chloe waving.  I haven't been able to get her to do it since, but I got it on camera once,  so that has to count for something!

And here is Chloe using her brother to pull up!  

We are so proud of our busy girl, crawling around, pulling up, growing teeth, winning contests, dancing, and waving!  Cupcake Princess, we love you!


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