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Thursday, January 12, 2012

"Hi there!"

I wanted to share a series of photos I took of the babies yesterday.  I like it because of their fun little expressions.  They were busy as little bees playing with their Little People Zoo Talkers that Uncle Charlie, Aunt Beth, and their cousins Mia, Max, and Lexie got them for Christmas.  When they looked over their shoulders and found me with the camera, they just looked so pleased to see me (or at least that's what I would like to think) that it melted my heart.

Here they are busy playing...

Oh, and yes, one child IS dressed and the other IS still in PJs.  And yes, they ARE playing surrounded by a pile of clothes.  The realities of twin parenthood, LOL.

In this picture, I just love Brady's expression, and I think you can tell he is getting bigger.  He seems to really be benefitting from eating the cheesy eggs new foods we've introduced.

Here is Miss Chloe playing...

Here she says, "Oh, Hi!"

"So pleased you could join me!"

I love that I get to spend my day with these sweet little faces!  Have a great day everyone!


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