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Monday, September 26, 2011

On the Home Front

Last week was an interesting one on the house-selling front.  We have only had 7 showings of our house in the last two months and 3 of them were last week.  I am not sure what has happened to increase the recent interest in our house, but whatever it is, I'll take it and hope it continues.

Yesterday afternoon we received word that someone was going to make an offer on our house.  They were coming over one last time last night, and then we would have their offer.  While we were at dinner (since we had to get out of the house) the scheduling service called to say the appointment to see the house had been cancelled.  Today we learned the people decided to make an offer on a different house (after telling us they were making an offer on ours).

To say we are disappointed would be an understatement.  Yesterday afternoon I had Suburbian visions of one story homes, excellent school systems, and large backyards dancing in my head and today I feel like we're back at square one. 

At first I decided a lot of moping was the appropriate response, but that isn't productive.  In so many ways our family is extraordinarily blessed and we have so much to be thankful for.  All I have to do is look at the faces of my two beautiful children to realize that. 

One way or another this house thing will work itself out, whether it is a month or a year from now, this too shall pass.  So onward and upward I say! 

Here are two of my favorite recent pictures of the babies.  How can these faces not cheer you up?


  1. How disappointing! I'm sorry! We are also thinking about selling our house sometime in the relatively near future. Our realtor comes over tomorrow to do a market analysis, and we'll go from there. Babyproofing a 123-year-old house makes my brain hurt, and a back yard and garage would sure be nice. :)

  2. Thanks Jimmie, and good luck to you guys! I wish I could go back in time to my pre-parent self when we were buying this house and say, "this sounds like a good idea now, but maybe you'll think differently when you have twins!", LOL.


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