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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2011 Trip Home Part 4(A): Whitsett, NC

On Sunday night September 4th, we said bye to Meepie, Pap, and Jaden and left Virginia.  We followed the usual bedtime routine for the babies, tucked them in their carseats and headed for Whitsett, NC.  On this trip I was a little braver and sat up front with Chad.  We even ate snacks and talked!  The babies still slept the whole way and we arrived at my parent's house in Whitsett, NC at 12:30 AM. 

This was the last leg of our trip (apart from our day trip to New Bern on Tues. Sept 6th).  Although most of us were sick at this point (I came down with a cold, then Chloe got a stuffy nose, then Chad got my cold, then my Mom (Grandma) got our cold) we still had a ton of fun! 

Highlights from the Whitsett, NC trip:
  • The babies getting to spend time with their Grandma and Grandpa
  • Playing in the Jumperoo Grandma and Grandpa got them
  • Homemade breakfasts almost every morning! 
  • Getting to eat at Bojangles, La Fiesta, and the Village Grill (we don't have any of these places in TX)
  • Brady running around like a crazy man in his walker in Grandpa's basement (nothing but tile there)
  • Cake time!  (At 9:15 pm each night we would declare it cake time and eat cake, LOL)
  • Playing "Mexican Train" dominoes with Mom and Dad each night after the babies were in bed
  • Chad got to play golf with Dad
  • Mom and I took the babies to the pool for their 2nd time (I managed to lose all the great pics of this)
  • Chad and I had our third date night of the trip!!!
  • Getting to spend time with some of my friends from middle school and high school, introducing them to the babies and meeting my friend Michelle's awesome son Jace! 
Based on all the pictures I want to include, this is probably going to be a multiple part post too. 

Brady and Grandma rocking on the front porch

Brady and Grandpa hanging out

Chloe having fun in the Jumperoo!

Zoom!  Brady loved Grandpa's basement because there was a huge open tile area to play in!

Sweet moments with Daddy

Grandma with Chloe

Grandma, Grandpa, and Brady

Brady started sitting up by himself on this part of the trip.  What a big boy!

My parents' dog Fancy Pants:  "Whew!  These babies are wearing me out!"

Next post will be more pictures from this last part of our trip!  

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