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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2011 Trip Home Part 4(B): Whitsett, NC (pictures continued)

More pictures from the Whitsett, NC part of our trip:

Brady with my wonderful friend from high school, Michelle

Brady and Michelle's son Jace, what cuties!

Michelle with Chloe

Brady loved Jace's Policeman motorcycle!

This picture cracks me up!  I like how Jace is the only baby being cooperative!

Chloe with my awesome friend since middle school, Katie!

Katie and Brady! 

The babies with Daddy in Grandpa's basement

Ha ha!

Brady getting some love from Fancy

Mommy and Chloe

Our third date night on the trip! 

Me, my parents, and the babies!

Family of Four

That concludes the Whitsett, NC update and pictures as well as the last 2011 trip post.  Whew!  I feel like I have been writing the Odyssey!  In all seriousness, we had an amazing time on our trip and we were so happy to have the privilege to travel for so long and get to see so many amazing family members and friends! 

Love to everyone!  

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