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Friday, September 16, 2011

2011 Trip Home Part 2(A): Virginia

After going through the pictures of the Virginia portion of our family trip home, I realized I am going to have to divide the Virginia post into two parts in order to include everything.  I did a better job of remembering to document events in Virginia, but even so there are still a lot of family members and friends we saw that I somehow forgot to get a picture with.  If you are one of those people, we loved seeing you and I am sorry we forgot to take a picture. 

We left Raleigh on Tuesday night August 30th.  We followed our regular bedtime routine with the babies, said goodbye to Nana and Doodah, and set off from Raleigh to Coeburn, Virginia.  I sat in the very back of the minivan we rented, the babies were in the middle seats, and Chad was up front driving.  Chad and I were scared to talk to one another in case we woke the we didn't talk until 5 hours later when we pulled into Meepie and Pap's driveway!  The babies slept the entire way! We were so thankful they slept well on their first road trip ever! 

Highlights from the Virginia part of the trip: 
  • Introducing the babies to their Pap (grandfather) and Mamaw (great grandmother) for the first time! 
  • The babies getting to spend a lot of time with Meepie, Pap, and their cousin Jaden!
  • Getting to meet a lot of extended family and family friends I hadn't met before
  • Getting to eat at Pal's, Romano's, and Tavern on the Main, yum! 
  • Celebrating our 4 year anniversary with a date night while Meepie and Pap watched the babies
  • Having a weenie roast with hot dogs and fun and delicious! 
  • Spending time outside on the front porch swing enjoying the cooler air
  • Having a BBQ to celebrate Chad's 30th birthday and visiting with several of his old high school and college friends and meeting their children
Now for pictures, since they do a much better job of showing what fun we had:

Here is Brady with Rose Helen, one of the first people the babies met in Virginia and one of the sweetest people I know

Meepie and Brady playing Pattycake

Chloe with her cousin Jaden

The babies with Reba and Jess (Reba is Pap's Sister)

Pap, Brady, and the Digital Caller ID Globe (Brady was fascinated!)

Meepie and the babies enjoying the front porch swing

The front porch was a favorite spot for the week.  We loved being able to spend time outside!

Four generations: Mamaw, Meepie, Chad, and the babies

Little girl with her dolly completely tuckered out after our visit to Mamaw's house

Weenie Roast! 

Meepie and Pap enjoying our weenie roast

Chad with his Mom and Dad

Now THAT is what I call a Smore!  Loved it! 

I ended up getting just a little messy...

That is it for Virgina Part A.  Next part will be more pictures from Virginia!  

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