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Friday, September 16, 2011

2011 Trip Home Part 2(B): Virginia Pictures Continued

More pictures from the Virginia leg of our trip:

Meepie and Chloe in their matching PJs

Me and Chad getting ready to go out and celebrate our 4th Anniversary! 

Brady became a complete speed racer in his walker

Brady and Jaden one of the few seconds we could get Brady to be still

Love this picture of Meepie and the babies

We got to meet the adorable children (Laney,  Malachi, Liam, and Max) of our good friends Mike and Beth for the first time at the BBQ we had at Meepie and Pap's house.  Mike and Beth drove all the way from Asheville, NC.  We were so glad we got to visit with them!

Pap and Chloe at the BBQ

On our last night there:  Pap, Jaden, and Chloe

The grandkids

Meepie and Pap with all of their grandkids

Well, that does it for our time in Virginia.  We had so much fun and we got to visit with so many people I don't even have pictures of, but we had such a great time seeing everyone.  Next up, our day trip to New Bern, NC to take the babies to meet my grandparents (their great grandparents) for the first time! 

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