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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

2011 Trip Home Part 1: Raleigh

The Ringley Family Circus is back in town!  We had an amazing time on our trip and we are so thankful we were able to visit with so many of our family and friends while we were home. 

First stop on our trip was Raleigh, NC to visit my Dad and my stepmom, also known as Doodah and Nana to the babies.  Originally we were going to fly into RDU on Saturday, August 27th, but we ended up changing our plans and flying in on Friday, August 26th so we could beat Hurricane Irene to NC! 

An unexpected bonus of flying a day early was that our flight was half empty since we were the only crazies trying to get closer to where Hurricane Irene was expected to make landfall.  We were also able to change our flight without any fees thanks to Continental. 

Raleigh experienced some of the fringe of Hurricane Irene, meaning it basically rained most of Saturday and was a little windy, but nothing major and my parents' house never lost power. 

A few highlights from the Raleigh portion of our trip:
  • the babies getting to spend time with their Doodah and Nana
  • eating at some awesome places we don't have in Texas, including Cook Out, Bruegger's Bagels, and El Rodeo (a Mexican restaurant where Chad and I had our first date)
  • getting to see a lot of family members at a BBQ at my Uncle and Aunt's house in Wake Forest
  • the babies' first time in the pool
  • having a date night while Doodah and Nana watched the babies
  • taking a day trip to Chapel Hill to go by Kenan stadium, my old dorms at UNC, and taking pictures with the babies at the Old Well
  • spending time with my Aunt Jury (Aunt Gigi to the babies)
Here are some of my favorite pictures from the Raleigh leg of the trip:

Chloe loved pool time!

Brady enjoying fun in the sun!

The crab float my Aunt Laurie had for her grandbabies was a huge hit!

Aunt Gigi watching the pool festivities from the balcony.  The babies loved their Aunt Gigi!

Chloe spending quality time with her Doodah!

The football field at Kenan Stadium was looking good for football season!  Go Tarheels!

Good picture of the new Jumbotron!

Doodah took this picture of us at the Old Well. 

The babies' first experience with their travel high chairs. 

This is just a little glimpse of all the fun we had during our stay in Raleigh.  My one regret on this leg of the trip was that I didn't take more family photos.  I guess we were just getting settled in and getting used to being away from home and so I didn't remember to have the camera handy as often as I should have. 

Next stop on our trip: the mountains of Virignia to see Meepie and Pap!  Stay tuned! 

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