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Monday, September 19, 2011

2011 Trip Home Part 3: New Bern, NC

On the third part of our trip, we took a day trip on Tuesday, September 6th from my parent's house in Whitsett, NC to New Bern, NC in order to visit my grandparents and introduce the babies to their great grandparents (on my side).

This was a very special day for me, and one that I had been looking forward to since I was pregnant.  Many of my fondest childhood memories involve my grandparents and the time I spent at their house.  I am so happy that we were able to spend the day in New Bern and that the babies got to spend time with their great grandparents. 

A few highlights of our day trip in New Bern:
  • The babies getting to spend the day with Grandma, Grandfoder and my Aunt Tina
  • Having an Eastern, NC BBQ lunch
  • Enjoying a home cooked dinner (thank you Aunt Tina!)

Here are some fun pictures from our day in New Bern:

Grandma with Brady and Chloe

Brady with my Aunt Tina

Chloe and Grandma having a chat

Brady and Grandfoder

Grandma and a sleepy boy! 

Grandfoder and Chloe hanging out

Grandma and Chloe during lunch!

The boys

It was a fun day I will always remember.  At the end of the day we did our normal bedtime routine, put the babies in their pajamas and into the minivan, and drove back to my parents' house in Whitsett, NC.  My next post and the final part of our trip will be about our time in Whitsett, NC!  

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