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Friday, June 17, 2011

It's Friday! Dance Party!

Yay! It is Friday! I thought I'd celebrate by posting a few videos of the babies dancing/laughing with Chad.

The other afternoon Chad was singing random things to Chloe and dancing around the living room with her when we discovered she had a particular liking for the Aaliyah song "Are You That Somebody?". So we pulled up the song on the ipad and commenced more dancing.

Our friend Phillip pointed out that there is a baby cooing in the background of that actual song. Apparently this song is very popular with the babies. Even Brady liked it!

RIP Aaliyah, I think it would make you happy to know that your music lives on and is still enjoyed by everyone, including the little ones!  

Chloe Dancing:

Brady Dancing:

Have a great Friday everyone!

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