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Monday, June 27, 2011

Going Bananas and Other Progress Updates

It has been a week since our 4 Month Dr. Appointment, and we've been working on implementing some changes to the babies' diet and routine.  So far, things have gone pretty smoothly (knock on wood).  Here is a rundown of our new situation and also some fun pictures (I promise!):

1. Daytime Nap Schedule:   Our naptime routine involves one quick story, zipping them up into their sleep sacks, and then it is into their cribs for a nap.  We have a morning nap beginning around 10-11 AM and lasting one hour, and an early afternoon nap beginning around 1-2 PM and lasting one hour.  Both babies are usually asleep within 10 minutes of being placed in their cribs.  I have really enjoyed having a more formal nap schedule because now I have a window of time that I can count on daily to get things done. 

2. Six Ounces at Every Feeding:  This was also an easier transition than I anticipated.  The babies had seemed content with eating 4 ounces per feeding and I thought there was no way they would finish 6 ounces every time.  Clearly I was wrong on this one!  They have been happy to eat almost the entire 6 ounces at every feeding and rarely leave more than an ounce left in their bottles.  We have had to move up to Level 2 bottle nipples (faster flow) since it was taking a million years to finish a 6 ounce bottle with Level 1 bottle nipples.  It turns out you can start using Level 2 nipples beginning at 3 months old, so we are late to that party! 

3. Solids:  After two weeks of feeding rice cereal once a day, we started Bananas on Saturday.  So far they have liked it okay (definitely better than the rice cereal) and I think they are starting to actually swallow more, but more often than not most of it ends up anywhere but in their mouths!  Today is Day 3 of Bananas and then we will move on to Peaches.  I've enjoyed starting solids and I am looking forward to introducing other foods as we go along.  Here are some Day 2 Banana pictures (the funny bibs are from Nana and Doodah):

Our Gerber Baby (Boy)

Our Gerber Baby (Girl)

4. Bathtime:  The introduction of solids has necessitated daily baths.  We used to bathe the babies every other day, but now after they are covered in bananas or whatever food it may be they are in desperate need of a bath.  They definitely don't complain about this though, as they are in love with baths and always have the best time kicking and splashing.  It puts them in a really great frame of mind going into bedtime.  

5. Bedtime:  The babies are now in bed between 8:00 and 8:30 PM most nights.  We are working on gradually moving bedtime up earlier, but it is a work in progress.  They are still sleeping through the night until 6 AM (crosses fingers).  After the 6 AM feeding, they go back to sleep and wake up at about 8:00 or 8:30 AM and that is when we officially begin our day. 

So we have made a lot of changes in the last week, but I am really excited because I can see progress being made in every direction.  I'll leave you with one last fun/silly picture of Brady.

We (Us Not the Babies) are Clearly Easily Entertained:

Happy Monday everyone!

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