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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

One Year Ago Today

One year ago today was my 26th birthday.  It was also the day Chad and I went to my doctor's office and found out we were expecting a boy and a girl!  At the time I thought that was probably the most exciting birthday I would ever have.

Brady aka "Twin A" on 10/11/2010

I think this is Brady, even though it isn't labeled Twin A, because he was the easiest to get a clear profile of.  Chloe always had her hands or legs in a strange position so we hardly ever got to see a good profile of her.

Although last year's birthday was one I will always remember, I realized something today (my 27th birthday).  Now I am so lucky because this year I actually get to spend my birthday with Chad and these amazing babies! 

Here is a video of the babies from today, laughing/talking to one another:

What a difference a year makes, ha ha!

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