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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dewberry Farm

Today we took the babies to a second farm to see if we could have better luck picking a pumpkin from a field.  We went to Dewberry Farm and it was a perfect place for a fall pumpkin picking outing!  I imagine next year the babies will have a TON of fun when they can run around and play. 

Here are some of our favorite pictures from today:

  Just an interesting building

A really fun looking bouncy thing

Some kind of fun race track

Really cool looking slide

We are on our way!

My favorite picture of Chad with the babies

Me and the babies

Fun photo ops with Chloe and Chad

Chloe in the flower field

This looks like it could be from 1900 to me!

Now THIS is what I call a pumpkin patch! 

Surrounded by pumpkins!

Probably my favorite picture of the babies and pumpkins

The stroller, not just for babies, but also useful for pumpkin storage!

Goofin' Around

Another attempt at a family picture

We loved Dewberry Farm and I would recommend it to anyone who lived in the area!  

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