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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Old MacDonald's Farm

Yesterday we went to a nearby "farm" with the babies and our good friends the Dermody family.  Natalie and Jamie are the parents of boy/girl twins Sam and Abby, who are almost a year and a half old!  We had a lot of fun although Old MacDonald's farm wasn't quite what I was expecting.  I imagined more of a farm in the sense of a big open field with lots of pumpkins to choose from, and this place was more of a petting zoo with a small area for pumpkins.

All of the babies did get to see a lot of animals and we did get quite a few fun pictures!

 Ready to go!

The Dermody Family

The farm had a little pond and a train 

It was hot!  Only in Texas do you go to pick pumpkins in almost 90 degree heat!  

This llama was cracking me up 

Brady and Chad

A cow

The farm had a giant pile of sand for kids to play in, lucky for us that is a few years off

Me and Brady

Our family picture

Probably my favorite picture of the day, Chloe laughing over Chad's shoulder

The Dermody family picture gives me hope that one day everyone will look in the same direction!

The overalls Brady wore were Chad's when he was a baby!  Sporting vintage clothes circa 1982!

Although we didn't pick pumpkins from a field, we had a very fun Saturday with our good friends!  

1 comment:

  1. LOVE that those overalls belonged to Chad! Chad's Mom is awesome for having saved them.

    (Baby boys in overalls always melt my heart....)


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