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Monday, October 3, 2011

Cause and Effect (Video in Post)

As I mentioned in my last post, the babies' playtimes have definitely become more sophisticated.  I recently read that at this age, babies are exploring the relationship of cause and effect.  I have tried to integrate some new toys that facilitate and encourage their exploration. 

After reading some reviews on Amazon, I bought this toy for the babies.  I really like it for several reasons: it doesn't require any batteries, it doesn't light up or make any obnoxious electronic sounds, the gears mix and match with other Playskool "gear" toys, and the babies love the gears.  Up until this point they were only interested in the gears as separate toys and not as a unit with the caterpillar.  If the gears are on the caterpillar and you move him back and forth using the handle, the gears go around and around. 

Today, Chloe discovered how to move the caterpillar back and forth and watch the gears move.  I feel like a crazy person for being so proud of her, but I am!  I guess it is the small things that make the stay at home mother's day a success.  I can just imagine my conversation with Chad now, Chad: "How was your day?",  Me: "Great!  Chloe moved the caterpillar back and forth!"....ha ha! 

Here is a video of Chloe doing this:  (please excuse my shaky videotaping skills, Brady was on my knee)


Have a great Monday everyone! 

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