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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Two Peas in their Pods

In less than three weeks, our family is going to embark on a new adventure...traveling home for the first time with the babies.  It will be 2 parents, 2 babies, for 2 weeks of touring NC and VA.  We booked this trip in May and have been looking forward to it all summer long. 

Going home is always such a privilege for us.  We LOVE spending time with our families, catching up with old friends, enjoying the (usually) cooler weather, and eating at all the places we miss because we don't have them in Texas (including our Momma's kitchens, of course!). 

This time it takes on a whole new meaning for us because we get to reunite the babies with their Grandparents who haven't seen them since they were tiny newborns, and we get to introduce them to Great Grandparents who can't travel, and family friends we don't get to see often.   

All that aside, as excited as we are, we are also scared to death!  The thought of interrupting the babies' normal routines and traveling for prolonged periods of time with them definitely has us nervous.  So we are planning, planning, and planning some more.  Our hope is the more we can prepare in advance, the easier the traveling experience will be for everyone. 

Part of our plans involved what to do about the babies' sleeping arrangements.  I did some research and we purchased two of these infant travel tents.  We decided to "practice" with the babies by letting them sleep in their tents for naptimes.  Eventually we will work up to having them sleep an entire night in them.  If they can feel comfortable in them now, we are hoping it will be an easy transition when they are sleeping in them on our trip.  So far today (knock on wood) they have already had two successful naps in them, so things are going well! 

Here are some pictures of the babies in their "PeaPods" (that's the name of the tent):

Please keep us in your thoughts as we hopefully have a safe, fun, and successful trip at the end of August through Mid-September!  

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