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Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Traveling Circus: Blog Break

Many of you know that our long-anticipated trip home is imminent!  Thanks to Hurricane Irene we actually moved it up a day from Saturday to tomorrow morning so that we can get there ahead of the storm.  We are probably the only people that have ever wanted to go TO a hurricane instead of AWAY from it. 

Basically, we have looked forward to this trip for so long and we are so eager to see our families and friends and for the babies to spend time with their grandparents and great grandparents that nothing will stand in our way, hurricane included. 

That being said, I will be taking a blog break for a couple of weeks while we are away.  I will have internet access but the point of the blog is to connect with our friends and families back home and since we are going to be there in person, I will want to spend my time with them instead of on the computer.  I am sure I will have plenty to post about our trip when we come home. 

Have a wonderful couple of weeks everyone! 

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