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Thursday, August 4, 2011


As the babies become more observant and interactive with us and their surroundings, they have also become more observant and interactive of/with each other and other members of the household (i.e. Sadie, poor dog). 

Here is a short and sweet video from today where Chloe laughs at Brady:

They often touch each other's faces or hold hands, but this was the first little "verbal" interaction they have had that I've seen. 

Here is a longer video but it encompasses Chloe, Brady, and Sadie:

They have just started to get really interested in Sadie.  Mostly Chloe, she will smile if she sees Sadie or Sabrina walking by.  I think she is going to have a love of animals for sure.  Both babies have just started to try to "pet" Sadie so I have had to monitor both Sadie and the babies and try to model the proper etiquette for how the babies should treat Sadie and how Sadie should treat the babies. 

It is a really exciting time for us now and there are some days when they do something small and I just think to myself, "I can't believe they are doing that!".  To watch a child/children grow up is such a miracle!

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