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Friday, August 19, 2011

50th Post: Start Your Engines!

This is the 50th post of the Ringley Family Circus!  It has been a lot of fun keeping up with the blog and I really enjoy posting to keep our family and friends informed of what is going on in our lives.  I hope you all have enjoyed keeping up with us and that you will continue to check in on us. 

Today was the first day the babies got to try out their new walker.  We have been having a lot of fun giving it a couple of "test drives" around the living room. 

Chloe took to the walker right away, and is very pleased with her new ability to move about.  Her preferred method of moving in the walker right now is by scooting herself backwards, and she is enjoying herself! 

Brady took a while to warm up to the walker, but now he seems to like it, especially since he has figured out he can use it to "come and get Mommy".

Have a great Friday evening everybody! 


  1. I am fascinated that walkers are now making a comeback. I guess my babies were babies during a time when walkers were "taboo" and you couldn't buy them if you tried! My boys had an "Exersaucer". Looks like the tides turned on walker safety in late 2005:

  2. Patricia, the babies also have an exersaucer, it is just called a Jumperoo. I think there are still debates about the safety of walkers, but for our family we did some research and decided there were many benefits and negligible safety concerns especially since they are confined to using it in a small space and under my supervision at all times. People can really take everything with parenting to extremes and I think sometimes you just have to be well informed and make the best choice for your family.


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