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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Nursery Update

A few weeks ago, Jessie and I did some more work on the nursery. After getting the cribs assembled, the next item was to take off the closet doors and replace with a curtain. Then, we went in search of a glider.

For the curtain, we decided to go with a gender neutral solution that matched the green walls in the nursery. We found a great curtain at Pottery Barn Kids, and we picked up a rail at Target. After taking off the doors and some jockeying with the rod and the alignment, we got the curtain up! The polka-dot color matched the wall even better than we thought in the store. Should allow for easy access to the closet while not interfering with the 2nd crib.

We then went in search of a glider. We didn't want the "traditional" glider style (with the cushions on the wooden frame), but one that is like a normal chair that we could re-use. We went to several stores (Babies R Us, Kids 1st, etc.) and landed back at Star Furniture, a traditional furniture store.

A side note, when your wife is pregnant, she lets you know exactly what she likes, in a very emphatic manner. In this case, Jessie let me know exactly why she loved this particular beige glider at Star Furniture. She nearly fell asleep in it while in the store. While being priced a bit higher than we wanted to pay, I decided it was worth it since Jessie liked it so much!

Naturally, the glider came fully assembled, so I had to fight to get it up three flights of stairs and into the nursery. Minimal structural damage to our house was sustained!

The glider is very comfortable and swivels, so it makes great addition to our nursery! Next steps are assembly of the hutch/drawers (sometime in late November) and cleaning out the closet to get ready for the baby clothes.

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