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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Nursery Evolution, Labor Day Edition

By Chad

Labor Day weekend provided a great opportunity for us to work on the nursery. I decided to mix in putting together the cribs between football games on Saturday.

Everyone told us we should expect a multi-hour, all-day affair when it comes to assembling the cribs. I had prepared myself for this; I thought I'd work on them slowly over the three-day weekend.

So, I unboxed the cribs and hauled the parts upstairs and staged them in the nursery.

Armed with three steps of directions, 14 screws, and an allen wrench, I was off. I could tell this would be easy, so I asked Jessie to time it. Jessie was great adding in strategic help in aligning things. Trying to be careful not to scratch anything and making sure everything was super secure, I took my time and got crib #1 assembled in 45 minutes.

Now knowing the procedure, I assembled crib #2 in 21 minutes.

Both fit perfectly along the wall in the nursery with room in between. As expected, we'll have to remove our closet doors for the crib up against it, which is Monday's project.

Funny side note, it took me 40 minutes to break down and crush all the crib boxes and haul off the packing material, almost as much time as it took me to assemble it!

We got the new curtain to replace the closet doors today at Pottery Barn Kids and tomorrow I plan on taking off the doors, hauling those to the attic, and installing the new curtain.

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  1. Dave would hate you -- we had quite a time with the 1 crib we've ever had to assemble (we got Jacob out of the crib just before Timmy had to go into it). Twice our crib encountered broken parts, so we kept getting Babies R Us gift cards as compensation while they attempted to locate a crib with all the parts in tact. I believe it had to be shipped from Atlanta down to the Orlando store where we were shopping at the time.


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