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Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Story of Us

Welcome to our family blog, The Ringley Family Circus! We'll be posting about our daily lives and we hope you enjoy. Thought we'd start out with a little background with the story of us.

Chad and Jessie met in Raleigh, NC in June 2006 through E-Harmony. Chad was Jessie's first match and that's all she needed ;)

Chad proposed in November 2006. Chad got a job with a wind energy company in Texas in June 2007 so we moved to Texas that summer. Jessie got a job with a financial trust company shortly after we moved and we came back for our wedding in Gibsonville, NC on September 2nd, 2007.

We rescued our wonderful dog Sadie from a shelter in November 2007 and she and our lovely cat Sabrina have been ruling the roost ever since!

We got our first house in July 2008.

We started trying to have kids in early fall last year, and after help from the Baylor Clinic, we got pregnant! And boy did we ever...It's double the fun and double the trouble! We're expecting our new additions in March 2011!

We've seen them go from dots...

to blobs...

to babies!

We're obviously very excited. Stay tuned as we chronicle our adventures preparing for our new additions!


  1. Yea!! I'm so glad you are blogging about this. I can't wait to hear all about this wonderful adventure you are in.

  2. Cute! Can't wait to read more!

  3. Can't wait to keep up with the blog! Congrats on the babies!

  4. This is great...looking forward to reading all your adventures.

  5. The nursery is beautiful.
    Love Mom and Dad


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