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Monday, August 13, 2012

Operation Baby Blanket Swap

On my last day of work at my former job, my coworkers threw me an amazing baby shower/going away party.  It was so sweet and generous of them, and it was a bittersweet moment for me since I was leaving all of those kind people to embark on a totally different journey, being a stay at home Mom to twins.  My favorite and most treasured gifts from that party were two hand crocheted baby blankets made by my boss herself, who was the Senior Vice President of the company.  She was such a busy and powerful woman, it touched me to think of her taking the time to make these beautiful baby blankets for my children.

The babies loved and enjoyed the blankets for a long time, and they even had their newborn photos taken with one of the blankets.  Below is one of my favorite photos from their newborn session, and that is Brady's pristine baby blanket they are all wrapped up in.

Unfortunately with time Brady loved that blanket for all that it was worth, until it started to unravel.  I kept just cutting the loose strands and hoping it would stay together until I could figure out what to do.  He had become attached to his blanket and needed it to sleep for nap time and bed time.

After looking on Etsy for a baby present for a friend of mine, I came across a baby blanket that was pretty similar in style and color to his old blanket, and I decided to buy it and see if we could switch the blankets out.  Here is a comparison of his poor old blanket on the left, and his new blanket on the right:

I undertook the baby blanket switch on Saturday morning while the kids were busy eating breakfast and watching Sesame Street.  I was very anxious to see how he would react to the new blanket at nap time.  Would he notice a difference?  Would he be upset, and would I have to give him back the old blanket?  At nap time I put him in his crib, and then waited for a while and snuck in when it was quiet to find him like this...

Operation Baby Blanket Swap was a success!  Whew!  He seems to have accepted his new blanket and loves it just as much as the old one.  I have saved the old one as a keepsake.  A friend suggested framing a piece of the old blanket and hanging it in his room, so I may do that.

Here are some pictures of Brady with his baby blanket 2.0:

Here's hoping he can enjoy and love on this new blanket for a long time to come!

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