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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Children's Museum Trip

Today we met our friends Natalie, Sam, and Abby and Amy and Amelia at the Children's Museum.  They have a special area for babies under 3 to play in with all kinds of fun activities.  Chloe and Brady were a little too young to enjoy most of the activities, but I think once they are both walking they will have a blast!  It is a very nice, clean and safe area for all of the babies to play in.  We also had lunch at the Kids Cafe at the museum, but I was surprised and a little disappointed to find out that they didn't have highchairs!  How can a place that has so many babies and kids not have high chairs?!? 

We had a fun morning with our friends and I did get a chance to snap a few pictures with my phone. 

They enjoyed a mini ball pit!

The baby area of the tots section was right next to a mirror!  Brady really enjoyed checking it out!

You can see me in the mirror taking the picture!

Because of the mirror we actually got all three of us in the picture!

After our big day we were all tired!  Whew!  Goodnight everyone! 


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